Massage therapy and activator method adjustment
Massage therapy and activator method adjustment
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Synergie AMS Treatment


What this is-

Synergie™, the ultimate solution for reducing cellulite, uses revolutionary vacuum massage technology proven to smooth and tighten the skin while improving circulation.  It also reduces inflammation, decreases extra cellular fluids, and increases cellular metabolism to improve tissue healing around areas of chronic inflammation. Synergie™ AMS, is a therapeutic massage device that combines vacuum massage with applied pressure, delivering a noninvasive, deep massage. The outcome is the stimulation, stretching and pressure to the subdermal tissues (fat cells). It is approved by the FDA as a method for temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite.


What to expect-

A typical Synergie™ treatment program consists of a series of twice-weekly sessions, followed by monthly maintenance visits. The number of treatments is customized to meet the individual’s goals. Treatments last approximately 45 minutes. To ensure comfort and preserve modesty, a body suit is worn by the patient during the treatments.


Because this type of treatment moves excess fluid, it is very important to stay hydrated by consuming at least 1/2 your body weight in fluid ounces of water the day prior to each session. For example, if you weight 100lbs you need to drink 50oz of water; if you weight 200lbs you need to drink 100oz of water. You may feel thirsty, foggy headed, tired, and/or have a slight headache, all side effects of dehydration. This can be easily offset by proper hydration. These side effects come from mobilizing of body fluid and releasing of the toxins that are built up in the fat cells. Following the provided weight management example menu will help maintain the loss of inches and increase the effectiveness of weight loss. Adding a detox treatment or Purification Program will further help improve your body's ability to eliminate the extra fluid and decrease the toxins that are released by your fat cells.

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Medicial Manual Therapy

What to expect-

A full intake survey will be given. This allows the doctor to discuss problem areas you wish to have treated, and to review of any current medical problems that may impact treatment.  The patient undresses to their comfort level and lays on the treatment table while the doctor is out of the room. The doctor will then return and begin the treatment. The patient is covered at all times except for the area being treated.  


There are many manual therapy techniques.  Most common is deep tissue massage, where the doctor applies firm pressure on the area to be treated, then moves along the direction of the muscle to help reduce tension and spasm. Trigger point injections are frequently used in conjunction this manual therapy, this is when the doctor injects directly into a “knot” to reduce the sapsm and release the "knot". Other techniques involve the moving and stretching of the muscle being worked on, moving a joint through its range of motion, and applying pressure across the direction of the muscle to help break up adhesions and scar tissue in the muscle. If you ever feel the pressure is too great or too little, it is your responsibility as a patient to communicate this with the doctor.


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Activator Method Adjustment

What is this-

The Activator Method is a low-force, mechanically assisted chiropractic technique.  The device is often refered to a the “clicker”. The patient is initially positioned face down on a table, and the doctor evaluates to see if one leg is shorter than the other one.  This commonly observed short leg is a sign of a neurological and/or biomechanical imbalances in the body. With a multiple step analysis, the doctor determines where to specifically adjust the patient with the Activator instrument. Analysis begins with the low back and progresses toward the head with tests for each vertebral segment. Isolation tests are also utilized for the extremities as well. Isolation tests allow the doctor to best treat patient’s individual symptoms.

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