Massage therapy and activator method adjustment
Massage therapy and activator method adjustment
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14 Day Detox Protocol

What is this-

We are exposed to external toxins every day, including pollutants, pesticides, and chemicals.  Toxins can contribute to a wide range of problems: stuffy head, fatigue or difficulty sleeping, digestion and other gastrointestinal problems, food cravings and weight gain, reduced mental clarity, and low libido.


Although the body is designed to rid itself of these toxins naturally, it can become overburdened. Purification, also known as detoxification, aids the body's natural ability to remove toxins. This process also aids to maintain a healthy weight. Purification gives the body additional support to expel natural toxins and maintain overall health and vitality.


What to expect-

The first visit will be to evaluate the patient's toxicity load, assess nutrition, and explain the Purification Protocol.  To get started on the detoxification process, you will receive all 14 days worth of supplements and an initial program menu.


The next visit is to check the patient's progress and a receive the modified mid-program menu. 


The last visit is to re-evaluate symptoms, update any supplements, receive a menu for the “after” Purification phase.

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Health and Wellness Consultation (General Physical)  

What to expect-

The regular activities that you engage in on a daily basis can have a substantial impact on your overall health and wellbeing. A health and wellness consultation is a general “check up” to assess overall health.  This consultation is used to discuss how aspects of lifestyle may be negatively impacting one's health. This includes sleep patterns, meal patterns, daily stress and exercise routines.  


Supplement Review   

What to expect-

A supplement review is exactly as the name implies.  The patient simply brings in all bottles of vitamins and supplements to check for redundancies between products, and evaluate whether or not the supplement is the right one.


The goal of this visit is to make the most out of the supplements being taken and to ensure that those supplements have the greatest effect.


Nutrition Consultation/Food Sensitivity Testing   

What to expect-

This visit is to assess the quality, quantity, and timing of the food you eat.  A nutritional consultation can also be used to find trends in eating patterns and possible food sensitivities.  A food sensitiviety panel can be done at this time.


Bringing a food log to this visit is very useful to streamline the visit and find trends in possible food reactions.  The goal of the visit is to give you a clearer idea of the types of food that work well with or against your body. 


For a Foood Sensitivity Test, come in well hydrated.  You do not need to be fasting for this test.  It is a quick blood draw, which I then process and send to US Biotek Lab.


Welcome to Wellness/Meet the Doc

What to expect- 

This visit is to determine whether or not Dr. Mullen is the right doctor for you.  It is an opportunity to learn if you and Dr. Mullen will be able to work together so you can become the healthiest you possible.

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